Which carpet fiber to pick? Nylon vs Polyester


The goal of this article is to help educate you to pick the best carpet fiber for your home. There are several different fibers and variations of fibers. This article will focus on the two big dogs, Nylon vs polyester. Its important to realize that each fiber offers many different styles and textures for your design. You can have two carpets that look almost identical but are different fibers. They key is to know your expectations for your carpet, each fiber offers different properties that may work better for your situation.


When it come to durability there is no comparison, nylon will win that battle all day long! Nylon has proven itself over the years to stand up to foot traffic like a champ. Why? it starts at the molecular level. The molecular structure of Nylon allows to carpet to "bounce" back when crushed. This allows your nylon carpet to hold its original form a lot longer then a polyester will. Because of the durability factor nylon is a great option for high traffic areas.

Stain Resistance

By nature polyester will win this battle. Polyester will not absorb moisture, which allows you to easily clean up spills. Most polyesters will have a lifetime stain warranty. Polyester is a great options for parents with dogs and kids. Nylons will vary in there stain resistance capabilities. Its important to understand what treatments have been done to a nylon to make it stain resistant. Over all if your biggest concern is stains, a polyester may be the best option for you.


Softness Is a big factor in choosing carpet. I see it in our showroom all the time. For example, on our DreamWeaver display I have strategically placed to similar carpets side by side. One is their regular P2 Polyester and one is their P2 Soft Polyester. Once somebody feels the softness of the P2 soft yarn its hard for them to even consider carpets that don't us the P2 Soft yarn.

Nylon will typically be a softer carpet, but with advancements in fiber production both nylon and polyester carpets have many styles available in super soft fibers.