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Carpet in Nashville, TN from L&L Flooring Company

What’s the best way to choose a carpet color?

There are several ways to pick a color, and the best one for you depends on your lifestyle, application, and personal taste. Remember that the color you choose should coordinate with other colors in your house, so your home decor has a cohesive look. 

A flooring upgrade is stress-free when you shop at L&L Flooring Company, which offers a great selection of carpet in Nashville, TN, and a design consultation service.

Contrasting colors

Take a traditional approach to room design and contrast light and dark colors for a pleasing visual effect. For example, beige goes from ho-hum to elegant and dramatic when paired with black walls, beige trim, and furnishings in the same color scheme. 

Or opt for light-colored walls with a dark flecked color carpeting for a more casual look. 


You can choose a color that complements furnishings, such as a living room set, paint, drapes, art, and decorations. For example, placing a rug on the carpet flooring and under the living room set adds texture, color, and visual interest. 

Gray is the current preferred neutral color, and with so many shades from which to choose, it's easy to include it in your color arrangement.

First choice

Instead of matching carpeting to other room design elements, choose the carpet color first and add a neutral or complementary color palette to your room design. This is a good idea if the amount of foot traffic in the room is a top concern. 

In addition, aesthetically pleasing carpet tiles are an "outside the box" idea to consider. 

We are your go-to carpet flooring store in Nashville, TN

L&L Flooring Company installs carpet flooring in homes and businesses located in Nashville, TN, including Franklin, Brentwood, Nolensville, and Spring Hill. Your carpet project begins with free in-home measurement. 

Stop by our showroom in Nashville, TN, today or schedule an appointment, and we'll bring our mobile showroom to your home.