Three engineered hardwood flooring trends

Three engineered hardwood flooring trends

Engineered hardwood flooring is just another version of hardwood, and it's a hot 2023 trend in and of itself.

While it has a similar look to solid wood, with character and undertones, it's constructed to be more stable and better able to handle water.

Here are three engineered hardwood flooring top trends.

High variation

Usually, when you open a box of wood planks, you’ll see uniformity in color and shade. 

With high variation, you’ll see a variety of shades between and within each plank.

A high variation wood floor is a unique design. The greater variety of shades creates a strong design statement with your engineered wood floors.

Light wood colors

They're back in style in a huge way. That's because more and more people are embracing the light, airy, open look–which light wood floors will accomplish.

Designers love light shades because they're so easy to work with; they coordinate with almost everything.

You’ll love them because they hide scuffs, dust, and light dirt well. These shades include blond, gray, greige, and whitewashed hues.


These are what make wood floors distinctive. Right now, two of the more rustic appearances stand out. They include: 

  1. Hand scraped: Knives create long scrapes on solid or engineered wood flooring. 

Each floorboard is scraped separately, giving each uniqueness and enhancing color variation. The scrapes give the floors a distinctive, worn, and historical look. 

  1. Wire-brushed: Here, a wire brush removes the wood's outer layers. The heartwood is exposed, giving the floor a slightly worn look.

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