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How to clean laminate flooring

With proper care, high-quality laminate flooring has a lifespan of 30 years or more. Wood-look planks and tiles are most popular, but laminate mimics other flooring materials such as stone, too. In today's post, we're discussing how to clean your laminate floors properly. 

Easy to clean

This pet- and child-friendly flooring is easy to keep clean, and no further maintenance is required to preserve its good looks. L&L Flooring Company in Nashville, TN, offers laminate flooring in the latest styles, and we carry cleaning products for laminate.


When you clean a laminate floor, it's essential to remember that the multiple-layer floor covering includes a fiberboard core. Because of this core, the floor is warm even on chilly days. Since the core is made of wood fibers, damp mopping is essential. Any water that soaks into a standard laminate plank or tile floor can damage it. Thus, only waterproof laminate flooring should be wet mopped or steam cleaned.  

Cleaning laminate flooring

The best cleaning solution is made to be used on laminate flooring. Or you can combine a drop of mild dish detergent and water. A microfiber mop is most effective at picking up dirt, and a spray microfiber mop is most convenient to use. Or dip a sponge or flat mop into a bucket of water and wring it out well. Be sure to sweep up dirt with a vacuum or dry mop daily to keep dirt from becoming abrasive and rub the finish off the floor.

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