How to choose the right laminate flooring thickness

How to choose the right laminate flooring thickness

Selecting the right thickness for your laminate flooring is crucial for both aesthetics and functionality. The thickness of laminate flooring can range from 6mm to 12mm, and each thickness level serves different purposes. This blog will guide you through the considerations to make the best choice for your home or office.

Understanding laminate flooring thickness

Laminate flooring thickness is measured in millimeters (mm) and generally ranges from 6mm to 12mm. Thicker laminate provides better sound insulation, a more realistic wood feel underfoot, and greater resistance to warping or damage. However, the thickness you need often depends on the specific requirements of your space.

Consider the subfloor condition

The condition of your subfloor plays a significant role in choosing laminate thickness. For uneven subfloors, thicker laminate (10mm or 12mm) can bridge small gaps and imperfections, offering a more even and stable flooring. For perfectly level subfloors, thinner options can be suitable.

Assessing foot traffic and usage

High-traffic areas like living rooms and hallways benefit from thicker laminate flooring because of its durability and resistance to wear and tear. In contrast, low-traffic areas such as bedrooms can be fitted with thinner laminate without compromising on longevity or quality.

Sound insulation and underlayment

Thicker laminate flooring also provides better sound insulation, making it an ideal choice for upper floors in multi-story homes. Additionally, consider the type of underlayment you plan to use, as some laminates come with pre-attached underlayment, which can also influence the total thickness and insulation properties.

Balancing cost and quality

Generally, thicker laminate flooring tends to be more expensive, but it often offers better quality and longevity. Balance your budget with the requirements of your space to choose the best option.

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Choosing the right thickness for your laminate flooring is key to ensuring satisfaction with your flooring investment. Consider the condition of your subfloor, the level of foot traffic, sound insulation needs, and your budget. Visit L&L Flooring Company to explore a wide range of laminate wood flooring options, and let our experts help you find the perfect match for your needs. Our showroom in Nashville, TN, serves Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, Nolensville, and Spring Hill, TN.