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Laminate flooring in Nashville, TN from L&L Flooring Company

Five tips for choosing laminate flooring

Laminate is a multi-layer flooring available in planks and tiles that look like hardwood, stone, or ceramic. The backing, fiberboard core, design, and wear layers are bonded together with a lamination process. Locally owned L&L Flooring Company offers laminate in Nashville, TN. For added convenience, we provide a shop at home service.

Practical and versatile

Choose laminate if you are looking for flooring that is child and pet-friendly. This material resists scratches and stains, and if spills occur, it only takes a minute to remove them with a damp mop or cloth. Because of its wood-based core, a laminate floor is always warm and comfortable underfoot.

Standard vs. waterproof

Standard and waterproof laminate brands are available. Products labeled 'waterproof' repel water for the amount of time noted in the manufacturer's specifications. Usually, this period is about one day. It's always best to remove water as soon as possible. If the standard laminate is installed, water should be removed immediately.

Floating floor vs. glue down

Glue-down laminate brands are available. But most laminate is designed for floating floor installation, which makes both installation and floor removal easier. Planks and tiles connect, so no attachment to the subfloor is necessary. Therefore, this floor covering can be installed over most existing hard surface flooring.

AC rating

It's easy to judge the durability of laminate planks and tiles. An independent entity tests each brand for abrasion, staining, swelling when wet, and more. After all the tests are passed, an abrasion coefficient rating is assigned. Flooring rated AC3, which stands up to heavy foot traffic, is ideal for most residential applications.  


It's easy to add visual appeal to a laminate floor by choosing a brand with an exciting texture. If you favor a vintage style, choose brushed laminate, which looks like it was brushed with metal wire. Handscraped and oiled wood are two more popular textures. Finishes range from matte to high gloss.

L&L Flooring Company installs laminate floors in Nashville, Tennessee, and nearby communities like Spring Hill, Franklin, Brentwood, and Nolensville. Related services include design consultation. In-home measurement for your laminate flooring upgrade is free. Visit us at our Nashville, TN showroom, or take advantage of our shop at home services for your laminate flooring needs.