Carpet flooring for the perfect interior design

Carpet flooring for the perfect interior design

There’s a good reason why carpet is so popular with homeowners. With all the styles, colors, and constructions, it works with virtually every interior design plan.

It's also elegant and comes with many benefits. These include reducing noise, insulating temperature, cushioning against rigid walls, and improving indoor air quality.

Here are some tips for choosing a suitable soft surface for your home.

Consider your style and goals

It is essential to do this before anything. What kind of atmosphere do you want to achieve?

Do you want formal, sophisticated, dramatic, warm, cozy, etc.? This should be thought out before you step into the carpet store.

Also, consider family size–is it large and active with kids and pets, or is it small and quiet? What is the room like where it will be installed? Do you want something ultra-easy to care for, or doesn’t it matter?

Think about color

Right now, the trend is toward bright, vibrant colors and patterns. Neutral palettes, however, will always remain popular.

The hottest trend predicted for 2023 is "minimal maximalism." That means choosing a neutral background and adding pops of bright colors and patterns.

Understand style

Visit our showroom when you shop for carpet in Nashville, TN. That is because you'll see many styles, but not all of them work with every installation and level of foot traffic–and our professionals will explain this carefully!

Styles range from looped constructions, like the Berber and level loop, to cut piles of various heights. They also come with twists and multiple textures, such as plush.

Cut and loop styles are just as it sounds. Various fiber heights create patterns like pin-dot, diamonds, geometrics, etc.

Visit our carpet store today

Your home is your most cherished possession. The professionals at L&L Flooring Company will help you find carpet that will look great and perform well for a long time.

We're locally owned with an extensive inventory of quality carpet–all at great prices. Visit us in Nashville, TN, where we work with homeowners and businesses in Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, Nolensville, and Spring Hill.