Consider waterproof laminate flooring for your bedrooms

Consider waterproof laminate flooring for your bedrooms

We're told that wood-and-stone-look laminate flooring is flying out the door. It was always considered an attractive and affordable alternative to genuine products, but it's only improved as technology evolved.

Today, there are better seaming, embossing, and higher-quality graphics. See if waterproof laminate flooring works for your bedroom.

Great style

Laminate flooring comes in many colors and designs. There's something for every decor, from the most traditional to contemporary, urban modern, farmhouse, mid-century, and more.

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell it from the real thing.

I had that problem recently. I complimented a homeowner on her gorgeous wood floors. She told me it was actually laminate flooring. 

Check out some designs in our showroom. They include Briarfield by RevWood Select and All American Century Oak by Chesapeake Flooring.

Textures: the finishing touch on wood floors

Textures make wood floors unique. Embossing enables manufacturers to create carvings that are usually done by hand.

Many textures, such as wire-brushed, hand-scraped, and distressed, have various levels of aged looks. Embossed-in-register refers to little indentations being made that exactly match those in the image.

No worries about spills

Original laminate has wood in its composite. Most of us know about the wood/water challenges.

A new waterproof laminate flooring version is made of a non-wood construction. This eliminates any concerns about staining, soaking, curling edges, or peeling.

Now it can be installed anywhere. Just specify which version you want, as the original laminate is active.  

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